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This site is dedicated to the images & videos of the Green Bay YMCA Gymstars Gymnastics team.
As along time sports photographer through High School, College and beyond, I can tell you that shooting gymnastics has proven to be amazingly difficult and easily the hardest photography work I have ever done. The lighting challenges, poor angles, and ever increasing speed of the gymnasts have made proper composition & exposure nearly impossible.  I have made numerous changes in computers, software, lenses and camera’s to try and achieve the best results I can given today’s technology.
Needless to say many of these are far below my normal standards. However, I have been told to post more than I have in past as people like to see them even if they aren’t exactly the way I would like them to be.…so if some look a little off center, out of focus or grainy, blame them not me! In fact all of 2005 – 2007 should probably be deleted.

The images are posted for the kids & parents to enjoy.  Copy, paste, e-mail, link, share on Facebook, ect…. In some of these you will need to change the .html link ending to .jpg to get access to the image...the right click and save or link..... (a headache I know, but it prevents random linking)

If you want a print, please let me know….the resolutions for any images displayed on screen is far too low to make a reasonable print.

If you want to buy prints, please ckeck here: RST Photography YMCA Prints

Randy Tess

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